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If you’re looking for new ways to manage difficulties, increase wellness, or would like to feel more fulfilled, connected and at peace with yourself and your relationships, then you’re in the right place! Browse below to learn more about me.

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How I Got Started

I hold the strong belief that people are perfectly imperfect. We are beautiful and spectacular, but we can also become stuck, unhappy and unable to live a fulfilling life. Life can often be difficult and isolating. The partnership offered in therapy can be the path to healing and creating the life you envision for yourself.

As a passionate Licensed Professional Counselor certified in EMDR, my experience allows me to understand the best ways to address each client’s needs in an effective manner. I am flexible in my approach and partner with you in therapy. I believe each client ultimately holds the key to their own well being and happiness. Feel free to review my profile on Zencare for more information about my background. Browse my services and book a session today!

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Consultation Services

What You Can Expect

I’m EMDR certified and a consultant-in- training offering consultation for trainees who have completed Part I or Part II EMDR training. Please contact me to book individual or group consultation. Groups must consist of at least eight members.

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What if you didn't have to feel trapped, relive traumatic memories/images, or feel other PTSD symptoms trigger without warning? EMDR is one of only a handful of trauma therapies endorsed by the VA for treatment of veterans and shows high efficacy for helping PTSD symptoms. I’m EMDR certified and offer Flash, as well CBT and other therapeutic modalities. Trauma Therapy is only one way in which we can work together to achieve your goals, and can offer significant improvement in daily functioning. Feel free to outreach and learn more.

I believe that every single human being has a bit of healing to do. Improving your self-awareness and your outlook of troubling situations are just two of the ways in which Couples Counseling can dramatically change your life and the quality of life for you and your loved ones. I focus on creating greater intimacy, changing hurtful patterns, and the Gottman method for couples counseling.

Maybe you’re new to therapy or maybe you have utilized therapy in the past. Either way, welcome to a partnership to address your needs and goals for a happier, more fulfilled life. Whether you’re struggling with trauma, managing anxiety, depression, chronic pain, family relationships, or substance abuse issues, we can work together to create an individual plan to heal. Book today to find out more.

Holding Hands

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”


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Please review the link to the No Surprise Act and request your "good faith estimate" here under "subject". Together, we will embark on a journey towards creating peace and perspective for a better life. I look forward to meeting you!

46 E Main St, Uniontown, PA 15401, USA

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